Using The Magic Wand

Scarlett O'Ryan

Scarlett’s a mature, sex crazed, redheaded slut. She begins this solo masturbation scene, sensually teasing herself, as she undresses, while talking dirty to the camera, reeling from the ecstatic pleasure that her talented fingers ignite, as she moans euphorically. After she brings herself to a glorious orgasm, she begins using the magic wand, our industrial strength, mega vibrator, which is like throwing gasoline on a fire, launching her into the stratosphere, of moaning, withering, wailing, intoxicated, all consuming, sexual delirium, while unleashing a torrent, of multiple, screaming, banshee like, exorcism worthy orgasms. I am not sure, if it was multiple orgasms, or just one insanely long one, but she never seems to stop cumming. I think that the only thing that stopped her volcanic orgasms, was that the vibrator started to over heat. This truly is an insatiable slut, with incendiary passions.

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