A Black Guy's Butt Fucking My Wife

Cathy Inez

Driving down the street, Cathy, a stunning, blond-haired, European MILF with enchanting sexy slut eyes, and her husband pull over to talk a black guy into coming home with them to fulfill Cathy’s fantasy of being fucked by a black man while her husband watches. Once in their apartment, Cathy changes into a sexy black fishnet slip and G string, revealing her awesome, toned, tanned, MILF hard body. Not wasting any time, she whips out her dark paramour’s ginormous, big, fat, black demon dick, which is so thick that he would need an extra-large strap if he wanted to wear a watch around it. But, amazingly, she unhinges her jaw enough to squeeze it all in for an impressive blow job. Lubed with her slut spittle, he shoves his oil tanker of a giant mutant schlong up her pretty, shaved, pierced pudendum, stretching her love canal wide enough to give birth while her husband watches in stunned disbelief as his wife’s pussy is forever altered by this earth mover of a dong. Loving every snatch-stretching minute of it, this nasty slut rubs her engorged clitoris with frenzied vigor while the guy’s big, burly black pipe is pounded into her ravenous slut slot, causing her to explode like an incendiary device, after which she sucks her pussy juice off of his demon dick with gluttonous, rapacious hunger before mounting him in reverse cowgirl, which provides a dazzling view of her ravishing body and face as she cums constantly. Hubby watches in wide eyed amazement, fingering, slapping, and licking his wife’s clit as she impales herself on the dude’s hefty black fuck-pole, and then she moves that monster cock from her cunt to her ass. Being a true anal slut, when this weapon of ass destruction slips out, she is the one frantically rushing to shove it back up her ass ASAP, before either guy can react. Looking like a deer caught in the head lights, hubby ogles this hulking, ebony pipe pounding his wife into anal oblivion in doggie as she screams with delight, until a jumbo cream pie is deposited in her ass, which she graciously decides to share with her devoted husband by standing over his face to squirt an economy sized load of splooge directly from her ass into his wide open mouth and all over his face, leaving him the one that is looking like a glazed donut when she’s done. You really have to check this scene out, it’s unbelievable!

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