Blonde Double Anal featuring Brittany Lawrence

Brittany Bardot

Brittany, is an attractive, blonde MILF, with a tanned, toned body. After seductively sauntering out, she wantonly bounces her asshole, onto a mammoth dildo, while moaning euphorically, before reclining, to adamantly plunge, as even more gargantuan one, into her ass, to prepare, for things to come. When two hung studs arrive, she gluttonously sucks one in doggie, while the other reams her ass, with the monster dildo, then ravenously sucks both, with sluttish demonish hunger, while greedily trying to shove, both of their colossal cocks, into her mouth at once. While mounted on an ivory fuckpole, in cowgirl, the other stud, brutishly slams his inky black demon cock, into her ass, for a blistering DP, as she moans and cries out, in lecherous exultation. Then after switching orifices, they drill both of their demon dicks, into her ass at once, for a jaw dropping, double anal penetration, as she moans and shrieks, in sluttish jubilation. Moving into reverse cowgirl, their DP pounding continues, first in her pussy and ass, then with both monster cocks, amazingly crammed, into her asshole, at once, rocketing her, into a moaning, sexual delirium, as a torrent of screaming, banshee like orgasms, burst forth. They continue fucking her, in missionary and doggie DP, then in double anal, while she screeches, and howls, with unbridled passions, until her dark lover leaves a cream pie, in her ass, while her white stud, fires his jism, into her mouth, leaving her a satiated, big gooey mess.

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